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How To Bali: EcoArts Journal

The ultimate dive into what the Island of Gods has to offer. It takes on a multi-faceted approach to presenting the best bits of Bali in a way that you have never seen before.

Furthermore, in regards to a sustainable life on Earth, the topics herein encompass many pertinent themes in the world at large today.

How To Bali features images and written pieces exploring;
Culture and tradition
Eco-tourism and sustainability
Geological history
Art, expression and story telling

fables found origami birds
A Treasure of Wisdom for Grandchildren

Fables Found

This book of fables follows in the age-old tradition of using fascinating animal behavior to illuminate the timeless lessons to our younger generations, so they themselves can grow to be wise grandparents.
In delightful style, each fable is preceded by a poem. The stage is then set in an alternate location; however, always founded on a conversation between a grandparent and grandchild..

Maldives Eco Surfing Chronicle

An Intense Calm

The search for the perfect wave is akin to the age-old quest to discover the meaning of life. This coffee table book dives into both.



Salutations to the great blissful Mother” begins this homage to the glorious, undisputed mother and ruler of our universe. It is laid out in the form of Sahasranama– the thousand names. Each name declares one of Her limitless attributes and allows the reader to draw ever more close to divine understanding.Read it for enjoyment, personal growth, and the benefit of all creatures everywhere.
Om Shakti, Om Shakti, Om Shakti Om